Canberra Accommodation

Canberra is one of the great capitals of the Western world. World class museums, excellent restaurants, fascinating cultural diversity, and important educational institutions make Canberra a worthy stop on any Australian itinerary and flights to Canberra are plentiful thanks to its major airport. However, for a relatively small city, Canberra can have its frustrations for the temporary traveller. It is not that there isn’t plenty to see and do. To the contrary, Canberra can keep a visitor fascinated and entertained for days. But finding accommodation can be difficult. Depending on the time of the year, and the political events underway, it can be hard to find space in busy times of the year, or when important events are taking place.  Ironically during people holiday periods, it can be a little easy as the locals go away for holidays to places like Batemans Bay or the South Coast of NSW.

One of the most important decisions to make, therefore, is about your mode of transportation. Although there is an adequate bus system in Canberra, the city center accommodations can fill quickly, and if you are traveling with a group. some venues are less than enthusiastic about dealing with groups. You can increase your choices if you decide to rent a vehicle for your visit in Canberra. There are any number of quiet, comfortable accommodations to be found throughout the many neighborhoods of Canberra. This can be particularly important because some of the more interesting restaurants are spread throughout business districts located in many of these same districts and neighborhoods. Whats more – there is plenty to see driving outside the city limits as well – including farm tours, historic communities, and outstanding rural scenery.

As you make your determination about accommodations in Canberra, it is best to decide your priorities for your visit. If Canberra’s world-class museums are your primary interest, then it is best to find accommodation nearer to the main museums, such as the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery. On the other hand, if you are in town for events at embassies or government buildings, you will need to plan on different locations. Finally, educational institutions are not centrally located, and less expensive but equally comfortable accommodations can be located nearer to the campus of the University programs.

With a little planning, you can spend all your time deciding: shopping, dining, or magnificent art?